Sunday, March 1, 2009


Alright. So right now we are in the section where we are learning about evolution. Let's see some debating now, shall we? To debate people. I know a lot of people think evolution is silly, but some people need to support it. Give us your reasons and show us why you think evolution is possible, and leave it to somebody else to argue your points.

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Kalvin Kirkwood said...

Since i made this blog, i will start it.

I believe that evolution can be possible because we do have some evidence. As we have learned, when a certain animal migrates, they change slightly. The birds at the Galapagos islands differ in appearance and genetically on every island. Some change so much that they can no longer breed with the original species. If birds were to continue, maybe it is possible that their wings would change according to how much wind is on each island. If it's more windy on one island, that species of the bird might have smaller wings so that the wings don't cause much drag (that is, to say, the resistance that pulls them backwards). Maybe, they change so much, that eventually, they seem to have no wings and no longer fly, but walk.